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20 Common Interior Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them

20 Common Interior Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them

We’ve all been there – staring at a room that feels off, uninspired, or downright awkward. Maybe it’s the furniture placement, the paint color clash, or the lack of functionality. But fear not, design enthusiasts! This guide will unveil 20 common interior design mistakes and equip you with expert tips to transform your space into a stylish and functional haven.

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Lighting Faux Pas

Mistake: Only Relying on Overhead Lighting
Fix: Layer Your Lighting. Overhead lighting alone creates a flat and uninviting atmosphere. Introduce ambient lighting with floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces. Accent lighting with spotlights or task lighting can highlight artwork or reading areas.

Mistake: Ignoring Natural Light
Fix: Embrace Natural Light. Maximize natural light flow by keeping windows clear, using light-filtering curtains, and arranging furniture away from windows. Consider skylights or light tunnels for darker areas.

Mistake: Incorrect Lamp Placement
Fix: Position Lamps Strategically. Floor lamps should be placed near seating areas for reading or task lighting. Table lamps should be eye-level when seated and placed on side tables or desks.

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Furniture Mishaps

Mistake: Matching Furniture Sets Too Strictly
Fix: Curate a Personalized Look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture styles and eras for a more unique and eclectic aesthetic. Play with textures and patterns for visual interest.

Mistake: Ignoring Scale and Proportion
Fix: Consider Furniture Scale. Oversized furniture can overwhelm a small space, while undersized pieces can get lost in a large room. Choose furniture pieces proportional to the room size and layout.

Mistake: Blocking Traffic Flow
Fix: Ensure Smooth Flow. Leave enough space between furniture pieces for comfortable movement through the room.

Mistake: Forgetting About Function
Fix: Prioritize Functionality. Choose furniture pieces that not only complement the room’s aesthetics but also suit your lifestyle needs. Consider storage ottomans, coffee tables with hidden compartments, or multifunctional furniture.

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Color Catastrophes

Mistake: Neglecting the Power of Neutrals
Fix: Embrace Neutrals as a Base. Neutrals like white, beige, or gray can create a clean and calming foundation. Layer them with pops of color in artwork, throw pillows, or accent furniture.

Mistake: Choosing the Wrong Paint Color
Fix: Test Paint Colors Before Committing. Don’t rely solely on paint swatches. Test large patches of your chosen color on the wall in different lighting conditions to avoid disappointment.

Mistake: Using Too Many Colors
Fix: Maintain Color Harmony. Stick to a color palette of 3-4 colors, including a dominant color, a secondary color, an accent color, and a neutral.

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Decorative Disasters

Mistake: Overcrowding Walls and Shelves
Fix: Edit and Curate. Less is often more. Declutter shelves and walls, leaving space between decorative objects for visual breathing room.

Mistake: Hanging Artwork Too High or Low
Fix: Find the Perfect Height. Artwork should be hung at eye level, ideally around 57-60 inches from the center of the artwork to the floor.

Mistake: Ignoring Vertical Space
Fix: Utilize Walls. Utilize empty walls with tall plants, hanging shelves, or statement mirrors to create visual interest and maximize space.

Mistake: Forgetting About Rugs
Fix: Define Spaces with Rugs. Area rugs can anchor furniture groupings, define different zones within a room (like a seating area or dining area), and add warmth and texture. Choose the right size rug—a rug that’s too small will make the room feel disconnected, while a rug that’s too large can overwhelm the space.

Mistake: Mismatched or Incorrect Curtains
Fix: Select the Right Curtains. Opt for curtains that complement the room’s style and functionality. Choose light-filtering curtains for privacy and natural light diffusion, or blackout curtains for bedrooms or media rooms. Ensure proper curtain length—floor-length curtains create a more elegant feel, while curtains that graze the window sill offer a more casual look.

Mistake: Overlooking the Power of Greenery
Fix: Embrace Houseplants. Houseplants bring life, color, and a natural element to your space. Choose plants that thrive in the available light conditions and consider their mature size before placement.

Spatial Planning Blunders

Mistake: Neglecting the Entryway
Fix: Create a Welcoming Entryway. The entryway is the first impression your home makes. Add a stylish rug, a console table for keys and mail, a mirror to check your appearance, and incorporate decorative objects that reflect your personality. Consider hooks or a coat rack for hanging outerwear.

Mistake: Forgetting About Negative Space
Fix: Embrace Empty Space. Don’t feel pressured to fill every corner. Negative space allows the eye to rest and makes the room feel more spacious.

Mistake: Ignoring Storage Solutions
Fix: Prioritize Storage. Clutter can make even the most beautifully decorated space feel chaotic. Incorporate hidden storage solutions like ottomans with compartments, built-in shelves, or decorative baskets.

Mistake: Sacrificing Comfort for Style
Fix: Prioritize Comfort and Style. Your home should be a haven of relaxation and comfort. Choose furniture pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to sit on, work on, or sleep in.

Bonus Tip

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment!
Interior design is a personal expression of your style and taste. While these tips can be helpful guidelines, don’t be afraid to experiment and break some rules to create a space that truly reflects you and your needs.

In Conclusion:
Transforming your space doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By avoiding these common design mistakes and incorporating the tips above, you can create a stylish, functional, and comfortable home you’ll love. Remember, the most important element is to create a space that reflects your personality and brings you joy.

Happy Decorating!

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